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Automate your Risk Management .

We enable efficient decision making by demystifying your Risks

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Exclusive Features

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Cumulative Risk

Visualise, monitor and assess cumulative vulnerability to major risks across multiple assets from the comfort of a mobile device or laptop


Dynamic Health Status

Visualise and monitor dynamic health status of hardware and human barriers

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Exposure Simulation

Simulate human and hardware barrier failures to determine potential exposure and assist with informed prioritisation of critical equipment.

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Cost Optimisation

Reduce operational cost through data intelligence and application of deep insights to critical equipment maintenance prioritisation and resource optimisation

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Risk Data Repository

Maintain repository of overrides, inhibits, backlogs and show their effect on major risk exposure

ALARP Demonstration

Seamlessly demonstrate effectiveness of management system to workforce, regulators, investors and other stakeholders

Risk strategy

Deploy your risk strategy at scale.

See how SMART Key Performance Indicators deliver for effective major risk management for your assets.

Stay in control of your risks

Go beyond large reports and vague risk frequency numbers. Communicate hundreds of pages of risk management documents to non-technical personnel

Risk drivers with just a click

Cut straight to the chase with practical, implementable, safe, and cost-efficient approach to risk management

Major Risk Scenario Creation

Customisation and integration


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Major Risk Scenario Creation

  • Review/ Develop Bowties for Major Risk 
  • Assignment of responsible persons to each SCB
  • BowTies Workshop
  • Definition of Barrier Characteristics for each SCB i.e., Barrier Category and Type. 

Customisation & Integration With Management System

  • Rationalisation of Functional Locations for SECE identification
  • Relationship modeling of functional locations and linking to relevant SCBs
  • Creation of Safety Critical Activities (SCAs) and linking to relevant SCBs
  • Creation of Audit questions based on SCAs linked to SCBs 


  • Install REVaRS on client server 
  • Upload all data generated
  • Test run software 
  • Software handover
  • Training 
  • Closeout Report 
  • Software Support 

Exclusive Features

key value proposition.

Questions you want answered


›What safety critical barrier could be impacted by the operation superintendent’s potential long absence.
›Which major risk(s) could the business be exposed to?
›What is the cumulative effect of the superintendent potential long absence amongst other absence and/ or deficiencies?
›Should a shutdown or down manning be considered?
›With limited resources, which of these critical equipment should be prioritized for repairs?
›What is the cumulative exposure created by the deficient equipment items?
›Which training should be prioritized?
›What safety critical barriers are impacted?
›What vulnerability does each overdue training present?
›What is the cumulative vulnerability of both overdue training amongst other SCB deficiencies

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Deployment options

We offer the flexibility of either On-premises deployment or a Cloud Powered Deployment

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